SisterSisterNominated for the Herman Charles Bosman Prize; the UJ Prize and the Sunday Times Fiction Award.

That night, I slip into her mind and dream her dreams. I see myself, Thuli, strange and disconnected and the wrong way round, like I’m stuck in a mirror. We walk across the patch of veld to Saviour’s Pit Stop, our arms crooked at the elbows and linked together. The sky is silver-blue and the propeller on the Legend winks as it turns slow in the breeze, fanning our cheeks. The colour of her dreaming is sharp, as if our lives then were so much brighter… 

In childhood Thuli and Sindi are inseparable, pinkie-linked by a magic no one else can understand. Then a strange man comes knocking, bringing news from a hometown they didn’t know existed. His arrival sets into motion events that will lead them into the darkest places, on a search for salvation where the all-too-familiar and the extraordinary merge, blurring the boundaries between dream and reality.

“An extraordinary blend of parable, passion and poetry; it’s not often a novel of such originality comes around.” – Christopher Hope 

“Densely written, rich in symbolism and imagery, Sister-Sister is one of the year’s most important books.” – Maya Fowler, The Cape Times (read the full review)

“Zadok’s work reads like the secret lovechild of Nick Cave and Poppy Z Brite. If there is one South African novel you give a chance this year, make this one your choice.” Nerine Dorman, Pretoria News (read the full review)

“The genre-defying Sister-Sister is a potent blend of myth, culture, magic and suspense, with a dark twist you may feel coming. I highly recommended it.” Fiona Davern, Destiny Connect (read the full review)

“…brilliantly written and evocative…” The Natal Witness (read the full review)

“A stunning piece of work.” – Alison McQueen (author of The Secret Children and Under a Jewelled Sky).

“Strong, memorable characters and an unputtable-down story line. Just incredible.” Kate Eshelby

“An incredible read.” S.A. Partridge (award-winning author of Sharp Edges)

“Tragedy and characters we care about, the everyday merging with the magical, and lovely, lyrical language make this book so rich and dee, I’m almost regretting all the other 5 stars I’ve dished out.” Jayne Bauling (award-winning author of E-Eights)

“Provoking, unsettling, engaging and wonderfully written book” Maire Fisher (author of Birdsong)

“I love this book. I think it is bloody marvellous. More South Africans should write these stories. I want non-South Africans to read this book. I can only hope it will be translated, and that some stories like these about SA also become known internationally.” Jou Ma Se Blog (read the full review)

“One of my favourite novels of all time, up there with Memoirs of a Geisha, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Night Circus and American Gods. Beautifully written and simply sublime.” Bronwyn Stewart (read the full review)

“This may be one of the best South African novels I have read in a long, long time.” Whispers of a Barefoot Medical Student (read full review here)

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